either a BEAST, OR A god


Sirius Black referring to Lily Potter (née Evans) as ‘the misses’, in casual conversation.

“Better get going Prongs! The little woman will start to worry if we’re late.”

“Can’t go out tonight, Pete, promised the ol’ ball and chain that I’d look after baby Harry.”

“Married life has really made me grow up, Moony, I tell ya…”
“Sirius, you realize that you’re not actually married?”


During seventh year, people often assumed they were in love. They always laughed when someone said it out loud.

It wasn’t at all unimaginable of course, and they could see why.

Since their friendship formed after they were partnered together in Potions, they’d formed…


okay but who else thinks that james potter would be super into wizard pick-up lines like “hey evans, want to take a ride on my broomstick?”

and it drives lily mad because she does of course, but she ignores it and he keeps coming up with new ones “you don’t have to say lumos…

I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood.
Jim Wern (via simplelittlebookworm)


i want that moment when your thumb traces my cheeks and dissolves my tears while you repeat everything’s going to be okay



Can I undo
undressing you;

can I forget too
how the moon
knew our

and how the
strangers outside
spoke of us

and watched
me push
your body

up against
the window.